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The Crimson Fairy Book

Organized by Andrew Lang The Crimson Fairy Book has one of my favorite stories out of all the Fairy Books. Called “The Colony of Cats,” a girl goes to live with and work for a house full of (you guessed it) cats. Can I just admit now that I’m nuts about cats? A cute cat Read More

The Orange Fairy Book

by Andrew Lang Okay, before I get started, this copy was published in 1949-1965, so it’s really old. Some of the illustrations are a little funky, but the stories are what really matter. I haven’t found a newer copy at the library, but you might be able to online. I really like the Orange Fairy Read More

Series Post: Andrew Lang’s Fairy Books

Andrew Lang Fairy Books Organized by Andrew Lang The Andrew Lang Fairy Books are some of my favorite fairy tale books ever. The stories are from all over the world and have some really good illustrations. If you are a fairy tale geek like me, you really need to read these books. One small pet Read More


By Felix Salten Illustrated by Richard Cowdrey Confession: I didn’t know that there was a book for Bambi until I read it off the back of another book by Felix Salten about a cat (it was the cat on the cover that attracted my attention). Once I found out, though, I made sure to take Read More

Kyryi’s Book Club

Hey! Welcome to Kyryi’s Book Club! I have a double post today. One book for boys and one for girls. We will start with the book for boys.   Thor Short snippet from Thor: “Thor didn’t say anything for a moment. He simply gazed up at the sun, which was now high in the sky, Read More

Ella Enchanted

By Gail Carson Levine A Newbery Honor Award book! This book changed the way I thought about fairy tales. I didn’t know that they could be this original, this exciting, this… good! Based off of Cinderella, Ella Enchanted is different enough that I actually didn’t realize it was a version of Cinderella until my 2nd Read More


NERDS by Micheal Buckley My first introduction to Micheal Buckley was through the Sisters Grimm series. Going from fairy tales to super spies was an interesting change, but both series are really good. I have to day that I like the Sisters Grimm better than this, but I think that Eli and some other boys Read More

Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls: Moving Day

By Meg Cabot I love this book. As a nine-year-old who’s moving, Allie makes me laugh so hard. When my sister and I read on our beds, we’ll read parts of the books that make us laugh out loud to the other person. When I read Allie Finkle, I read Lailah funny parts every five Read More

A Question of Magic

A Question of Magic I really like this book. It’s a fun twist on the Russian folk tale Baba Yaga, a witch who eats children that stray in the forest. It was one of the first books I read by this author, and it turned me into a E. D. Baker FanGirl. I can relate Read More