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About - Reviews With The Reader

Hello! My name is Kyryi Trent. I like swimming laps, baking cupcakes, and reading. Scratch that, I LOVE reading.

I can read 400 words per minute, and because I homeschool I have plenty of time to read. I’m classified as the bookworm in my family. I have broken at least five different library bags. I believe, think, hope that the one I own now will last a bit longer than all the other ones because it’s an old reusable grocery bag. My bag is bigger than three of my siblings bags put together and when I fill it, it feels like I’m lugging around a small child.

I have been reading since I was 5. I prefer reading books from the fiction section at the library, books about cats, and classics such as; Harry Potter, Little Women, and the Lord of the Rings. I have 1 sister, 4 brothers, and a mom who homeschools, and they are all willing to give me feedback on what they think of books for boys, younger children, and educational subjects.

About My Reviews

I try to have the same outline on each of my posts. All my posts start with one of my favorite quotes. Depending on the book, it could be just one of the things that made me laugh or it could be something important. Like I said, it all depends on the book that I am reviewing.

Next, I have a general description of what the book is about. And don’t worry, I DO NOT REVEAL THE ENDINGS! Even if you are like my sister and hate the suspense, and question me constantly about what happens next, hoping I tell you what the plot is, and if the good guy wins. Insert evil laugh. ; )

The third thing I write about is the message of the book. This is where I share my opinion. You might think that the message is something different. Maybe you don’t even think that there is a message. I hope that you know that I’m not trying to insult anyone. It’s all just what I think.

Then I have a link to Amazon where you can buy the book. And if I have found it at the library I’ll tell you that also.

After that I sometimes have a sibling review. If I have a sibling that reads the book and is in the age range described, then this is where they tell you what they liked about the book, their rating, and what their favorite part is. When necessary I will sometimes have a couple quotes. And sometimes my Mom will comment.

Last, I have a section titled Kyryi’s Conclusion. This is where I will summarize everything and give it a rating. Then I will describe the age range. When I rate something, I don’t use the normal star rating. I take something unique from the book and use it instead of stars. I also try to explain what it is and why I chose it.

About My Blog

On my blog, I don’t just have book reviews, I also have the following:

Author Reviews:

My author reviews include what I like about the author, a short paragraph on their books, and a link to their personal website, if they have one.

Kyryi’s Book Club:

Each month I pick a book, do a special post on it, and challenge you to read it. Then I ask you to comment about specific things such as your favorite part, the character you liked the least, or maybe a quote that made you laugh the most.

Sabbath Snippets

These are just small posts where I take a scripture and share my insights.

Kyryi’s Corner

On Saturdays I post about my library life and books that are on my mind. These posts won’t have a very strict outline. They are more of a random brain dump.

So sit down, get comfy, grab a snack, and get ready to read!