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By Felix Salten Illustrated by Richard Cowdrey   Short Snippet from Bambi: “For a long time the creature stood without moving. Then it stretched out a leg from high up near it’s face. Bambi had not even noticed that one was there. But as that terrible leg was reaching out into the air Bambi was Read More

Kyryi’s Book Club

Hey! Welcome to Kyryi’s Book Club! I have a double post today. One book for boys and one for girls. We will start with the book for boys.   Thor Short snippet from Thor: “Thor didn’t say anything for a moment. He simply gazed up at the sun, which was now high in the sky, Read More

Ella Enchanted

By Gail Carson Levine A Newbery Honor Award book! Short snippet from Ella Enchanted: “For a full three minutes I delayed getting dressed. It was a terrible game I played, trying to break my curse, seeing how long I could last against the need to do as I had been told. There was a buzzing Read More


NERDS by Micheal Buckley Short snippet from the book itself: “That night, Jackson couldn’t help but replay the scene in his head. He was sure the herd had gone down that hallway. How had Ruby, Heathcliff, Duncan, Matilda, and Flinch disappeared? A funny thought occurred to him. Could they have been hiding in the lockers Read More

Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls: Moving Day

By Meg Cabot Short snippet from Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls: Moving Day: “But I couldn’t let my parents sell our house and move into the new one. I just couldn’t. Because you can’t let your family move into a haunted house. That’s not even a rule. It’s a fact.” A Brand New House Allie Read More

A Question of Magic

A Question of Magic Short snippet from A Question of Magic: “Dear Serafina, I am sure you have never heard of me, but I am your great-aunt Sylanna from your Grandmother Yanamaria’s side. I am writing to inform you of the inheritance that I intend to leave you. This inheritance is of great importance and Read More